Dear Senior Counselor

The Data Processing Management Association/Portland Chapter (DPMA/pc) is a locally-based group of professionals dedicated to the promotion of the IT industry through legislation, certification, networking and education. These individuals passionately volunteer their personal financial resources and time to meet these goals. The DPMA/Portland Chapter offers at least one $1,000 scholarship each year as part of the education promotion program. A scholarship golf tournament has been held annually to help raise money for this effort. That will not be happening this year, but there is still scholarship money available.

Please encourage all deserving high school seniors who qualify for this scholarship to apply. The details of eligibility and application requirements are contained in the application information flyer. Please feel free to make as many copies of the information flyer and application form as needed. Some schools have reported posting the information flyer on student bulletin boards, in school newspapers or newsletters and even on school web pages. All of these media are allowed and encouraged. If this is done however, please indicate the appropriate school counselor/administrator as contact for the students. This will allow the applicants to receive the application form and appropriate instruction and assistance in completing the application process before submission to the scholarship committee. You may also link to or print the application from our website: Application Form

When applying for this scholarship, separate documentation covering each of the five points in the AWARD BASIS section of the information flyer must be included. Simply filling out the application form is not enough. Please be sure the students are aware of and understand this important point.

We look forward to the opportunity of considering your student candidates for this scholarship.


The DPMA/Portland Chapter
Scholarship Committee